The Right Type of Business During a Pandemic

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic caused some business sectors to experience a drastic decline. Trends are changing and consumer habits are also influencing the choice of potential business types. Running a business in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic is indeed a challenge for business people. However, you don’t need to worry because below are some ideas for the types of businesses that are suitable to run during the pandemic, including:

Frozen Food

The demand for frozen food has increased, especially since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because, people choose to reduce the frequency of eating directly on the spot when in a restaurant or cafe during the pandemic.

Reseller or Drop Shipper

Becoming a reseller or drop shipper is a type of business that is still in demand by many people, especially during a pandemic like today. In fact, currently there are many manufacturers or suppliers that provide various types of products that can be resold by resellers or drop shippers, ranging from clothing, food, household appliances, electronics, and others. Resellers usually have to first buy products from manufacturers or suppliers for resale. Meanwhile, drop shippers do not need to stock up on goods and do not think about the process of shipping goods because they have been sent directly by the manufacturer to the buyer.

Graphic Design Services

This type of business is perfect for friends who like to design and use various design software to earn additional income. In fact, this type of business can be profitable if you already have a large portfolio related to design. In addition, graphic design services only require a laptop as a support, as well as supporting internet services. To develop this type of business, you can promote your work on social media and websites specifically for services to expand your target market, both in Indonesia and abroad.

Writing Services
The next type of business that is suitable to run during a pandemic is writing services. You can maximize this business because currently there are many companies or individuals who need the services of a freelance writer to create articles for promotional needs. To start this type of business, you can promote yourself on social media or register on a website specifically for freelancers to make it easy for companies to see.


The emergence of the pandemic has increased the need for accessories, such as mask straps, mask connectors, and the like. Friends can take advantage of this type of business to make a profit. This type of business is quite promising if you understand the target market, have high creativity, and are consistent. Because, there is no successful business in a fast time.

Pre order

This type of pre-order business can also be run during the pandemic, you know. This type of business is not the same as ready stock, because the process has to wait for some time to be able to get the goods. However, the business of pre-order goods is in great demand by beginners because it does not require a lot of capital or even no capital at all.

Care and beauty products

One type of business that is suitable to run during a pandemic is care and beauty products. This type of business is worth considering considering the trend of selling skincare and makeup tends to be stable during the covid-19 pandemic. For those of you who are interested in this business, it’s time to maximize the opportunities that exist by selling care and beauty products online.

Training Services
Training services are a type of business in the education sector whose results are quite profitable during the pandemic. Especially for friends who want to provide more benefits to others. Make something unique to distinguish the training or teaching services that you provide compared to competitors’ services, such as making interesting video content or making webinars. To start this type of business, you can promote it to the closest people first to get testimonials as one of the promotional materials.

Those are some types of businesses that you can choose to earn extra income during the pandemic.