20 Faith Based Business Ideas

You can run a successful business and practice your faith at the same time. In fact, there are many business opportunities that incorporate religious materials into the fabric of the company. Here are some ideas for those looking to start a faith-friendly company.

What Is a Faith-based Business?

A faith-based business is any company that incorporates religious beliefs or values. These can be specific to a particular religion, like companies that teach Christian beliefs. However, they can also be generally rooted in faith, like companies that provide compassionate pastoral care to those in need.

The Faith Business Industry in 2022

The U.S. public is actually becoming less religious. But that doesn’t mean that faith-based businesses are struggling. Many consumers are actually willing to pay more or seek out companies that support their religious beliefs. These companies just need to be willing to serve more of a niche audience than the public at large, since faith can alienate certain consumers.



Why You Should Consider a Faith-Based Company

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, here are some reasons to integrate faith into your operations:

  • Feel personally fulfilled: Entrepreneurs are more likely to stick with a business they care about deeply. While you can earn profits, integrating your faith can help you feel more connected and dedicated to your business.
  • Build community: A faith-friendly company is likely to attract employees and customers who share similar values. So you can enjoy the company of others who support and strengthen your faith.
  • Enjoy flexible hours: Many faith-friendly businesses close on Sundays or their Sabbath day to rest. This provides more time for family life or other forms of service.
  • Provide a positive example: Running a company according to your values can provide a positive example for your kids or others in your community.
  • Support causes you care about: If you care about more than just your bottom line, you can put profits or operations toward other initiatives in your community or around the world. This may even open a new path toward nonprofit or charity work.

Top Faith-Based Businesses

If you’re looking for a business idea that will allow you to practice your faith and support the causes you care about, here are some to consider.

1. Religious Blogger

For those with writing skills, start a blog where you discuss topics related to your religious beliefs. You can then earn income through ads or partnerships with other faith-based companies.

2. Religious Tutor

Help others strengthen their faith by providing one-on-one tutoring on religious subjects. This may be especially beneficial for those with connections to religious schools.

3. Religious Podcaster

Instead of blogging, share about faith-based topics in a podcast. You can welcome religious leaders as guests and earn income through ads or donations.

4. Wedding Officiant

Get ordained as an officiant in your particular religious roots. Then you can charge a small fee to couples who are ready to get married. Many start by simply officiating the wedding of a close friend and then grow through word of mouth.

5. Religious Dating Website Operator

Many people are looking to meet partners with similar religious roots. So create a website that helps people of a particular background connect and message one another. This could also make an ideal mobile app business.

6. Religious Greeting Cards Writer

Create greeting cards for weddings, funerals, and other faith-based occasions. Sell products online, at local events, or to Christian or religious gift shops in your area.

7. Religious Accessories Maker

For handmade business professionals, create signs with Bible verses or accessories that integrate other religious symbolism. Sell these items online or build a community of consumers through your church or similar groups.

8. Religious Influencer

If you start a blog or podcast discussing your faith, you can also earn income on social media by posting about similar topics there. Other businesses with strong Christian leadership or religious roots may partner with your accounts to reach their target audience.

9. Faith-Based Social Worker

Social work can often be rooted in faith. Those with a background in this profession can offer services that integrate religious concepts that promote healing or forgiveness.

10. Home Care Services Provider

There are also many seniors, disabled individuals, and families who could use home care with religious leanings. In addition to basic assistance, you may offer prayer support or simply set your business apart with compassionate employees.



More Religious and Faith-Related Business Ideas

If you’re still looking for an ideal faith-based company to start, here are several more ideas.

11. Kosher or Halal Restaurant

Those who stick to a Kosher or Halal diet often struggle to find meals at traditional restaurants. Start your own that caters specifically to these groups instead.

12. Kosher or Halal Caterer

This type of food business can also lend itself well to catering for weddings and other religious occasions. Start with catering, or find a co-founder for your restaurant who may be interested in expanding in this way.

13. Religious Author

If you’re interested in writing, publish your own books that share religious themes.

14. Religious Bookstore

Alternatively, open a bookstore that includes texts specifically related to your religion, or to faith communities in general.

15. Christian Retreat Center

This type of business may offer hotel rooms or hospitality, along with Christian retreat center activities like Bible study or meditation.

16. Gospel Musician

Musically inclined entrepreneurs may start their own group to play at weddings or similar occasions.

17. Bible Study Membership Community

Help others strengthen their faith through an online study group dedicated to various Bible verses. You can charge a small membership or earn money through online ads or partnerships.

18. Family-Friendly App Creator

Create apps or video content specifically geared toward families with religious values.

19. Religious Artist

If you’re an artist, work religious imagery into your creations to reach potential buyers who share your faith.

20. Religious Life Coach

Help others in your religious group work through issues in a way that supports their beliefs.



How Do you Create a Faith-based Business?

Creating a faith-based business is quite similar to starting any other type of business. You still need a name, business license, target audience, and business plan. However, your products or services will likely focus on concepts from your specific religion.

What Are Examples of Faith-based Companies?

There are many small businesses based around faith, but some of the larger companies that integrate religious beliefs into their operations include Chick Fil A, Hobby Lobby, and In-N-Out Burger.


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